Learn how to make your home Pagan friendly! Fun and easy crafts for you to make each room in your home just a little more magickal!

This class has space for 10 students

For the class key, contact Savanna Moon at tmcsavannamoon@gmail.com

Items Needed:

  • Basic crafting supplies
  • Access to herbs, oils, and gemstones
  • A way to send photos
In this class you will be making:
  • A Simulated Stain-Glass Mirror
  • Star Coasters
  • A Triple-Moon Suncatcher
  • Aromatic Spiral Trivets
  • Festival Feast Bowl
  • Painted Wine Glasses and Carafe
  • Lavender Soap Balls
  • Mosaid Bathroom Accessories
  • Drawer Satchel
  • Fabric Covered Dream Journal
  • A Banner
  • A Painted Plant Pot
  • A Quillow

You must provide Certificates of Completion for:
  • Orientation
  • Witch Crafting 101 Basic Crafts