This is a room only for the teachers at The Magical Circle School.

This course is designed to help train students who would like to become Mentors in Training. This program is setup through the Mentor Club, monitored by Savanna Moon. Please contact Savanna with any questions and for the Application required to take the course.

This class does not count towards your class limit.

For class enrollment, please contact: Savanna Moon at

Items Needed:

  • A notebook or binder and paper
  • MiT/Mentor Application

Please Provide Certificates of Completion for the Following:

  • Orientation Series
  • Ethical Workings
  • Wheel of the Year: Introduction 
  • Cleansing Methods 101
  • Correspondences of Spellcrafting series
  • Altars and Shrines
  • Creating a Book of Shadows
  • 1 Gods Study course of your choice
  • 1 Goddess Study course of your choice

The Proofreader Lounge is for students who are proofreading classes.

If you are interested in proofreading, please contact Savanna at

In order to be a proofreader you must have completed the following courses:

  • The Orientation
  • 3 other courses of your choosing

For students who are helping with the forum clean up