This is where you will find our Orientation series at the school.  You will need to complete this Orientation before you can join any of the courses at the school.  The Orientation series consists of three classes.  Please make sure to read through all of the information in the "Magickal Circle School Information Room" before requesting to join the Orientation.

This is the very first class you must take at this school to help you understand how things work and how to make sure that you understand the ins and outs of the school. You will learn how we expect assignments to be done and the process in which to do them. This course will give you a good idea of what to expect from assignments in the rest of the courses here at the school.

In this first section of the school, you are introducing yourself to us a bit and getting to know the teachers a little in return. To enroll, just create an account, and then contact the instructor via email.

Contact Savanna  Moon at to join this class.

In this second part of the Orientation series, you will take a tour around the school! While the first class was mostly concerned with getting to know each other, in this part, you will learn where you will find everything and how to get there. 

In addition to that, you will sign up for your Student Lounge account, get your own blog and learn how we expect journal entries to be written and submitted. You will also learn how to request classes. This will give you a solid idea of what is expected after the Orientation series.

You will be automatically enrolled once the last assignment of O101 has been completed.

This is the third and final class in the Orientation series.  In this class, we will be going over the different types of assignments you will find at the school. You will join the resource library and get involved a little bit in the different forms of socialization we have to offer including out rituals, clubs and newsletter and/or podcast. You will practice writing both an essay paper and a research paper as per our expectations at this school. You will end the course with your Orientation certificate, and the other courses at the school will be opened to you for you to take.  The teacher for this section is Jenie Piccirillo.

This class serves as a re-orientation for returning students. To be eligible for this class, you must have been in good standing with the school at the time of departure. You must have completed at least 5 classes with us as well (not including the Orientation series).

This class has no student limit

To join this class, please contact the Board of Headmistresses at  Make sure to include copies of your previous certificates in the email.