A brief overview of the Fireside Path Degree Program.

Introduction Course is set to be opened in sometime after the necessary course rewrites are finished. Classes that need to be take during each Degree are subject to change due to course rewrites.

This is the Introduction to the Fireside Path Degree Program. We will be taking a few basics and learning how to adapt them into the Fireside Path.

While in the Introduction of the Fireside Path Degree Program, you will be expected to take certain classes.

Those classes will be:

  • Altars and Shrines
  • Basic Elements Series
  • Cleansing Methods 101
  • Correspondences of Spellcrafting Series
  • Ethical Workings
  • 2 God Studies Courses of Your Choice
  • 2 Goddess Studies Courses of Your Choice
  • Making Magickal Inks
  • Moon Musings: Working With and Understanding the Moon
  • Standing in the Sun: Introduction to Sun Magick
  • Spells Basics
  • Cleansing and Consecration
  • Thalassotherapy 101

*When the word Series appears, underlined, that means you need to take the entire series!

This class has Unlimited Seats

For class enrollment, please contact: Savanna Moon at tmcssamoon@gmail.com

Items Needed:

  • Basic Ritual Tools
  • Essential Oils of you choice
  • Herbs of your choice
  • Art Supplies
  • Various sizes of Containers with Lids (for herb and oil mixtures)
  • Spray Bottle(s)
  • Supplies listed for each class you will be taking during the course (can wait until you take those classes)
  • A Book of Shadows (your preference if its electronic or paper)

Certificate(s) Needed:

  • Orientation
  • Basic Wicca or Pagan Terminology or if you have been with the school for 2 or more years a 1700 (500 words each for Paganism, Wicca and Witchcraft with 200 words explaining the differences) word Essay on the History of  Wicca, Witchcraft and Paganism
  • A 500 word Essay on why you are interested in the Fireside Path Degree Program.
  • The Fireside Path Degree Program Application Located Here