The Seeker’s Path Degree Program will help you forge the foundation of your personal path and tradition. This is an Eclectic Pagan’s dream program!  With the many classes required to being this program, you will have a good understanding of your beliefs and different practices. You will do in depth research into history and different traditions to fully form the foundation your own tradition! At the end of this class you will become a dedicate.  

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To enroll, contact Dani Dracaena at

You Must Provide Certificates of Completion for the Following Courses:

TMCS Orientation 

Altars and Shrines 

Elements 100 series

Basic Wicca 101

Correspondences of Spellcrafting Series

Creating a Book of Shadows

Crafting Ritual Tools

Crafting Ritual Attire

Spell Basics

Ritual Basics 

Ethical Workings 

One class from the God Studies Series 

One class from the Goddess Studies Series

EITHER: the Goddess Project Series OR The God Project Series

Finding Your Spiritual Name 

Making Magickal Ink

Introduction to Meditation 

Moon Musings 100

Any course from the “Pathworking” section 

Wheel of the Year: Introduction 

Magickal Crafting 100

100 word essay on your path, what it means to you, why you feel you are drawn to it and what you hope to get out of this class.