Learn how to see and interpret an Aura. In this class you will need to have other people that you are able to do reading for.

This course has space for 2 students


To join this class, please contact Jen  LadyDainara@gmail.com

Items Needed:

  • A Journal
  • A mirror
  • three friends

Certificates Needed:

  • Orientation 
  • Correspondences of Spellcrafting 101
  • Meditation 101

    This course is set up to be taken with a Live Lecture. Please email the teacher of the class to sign up for the lecture.

    For class enrollment and the Live Lecture, please contact:

    If you are interested in the Live Lecture, please email me so I can start putting together a list. Once I have between 7 to 10 people, I will set up the next lecture!

    For class lecture, please contact: Savanna Moon at tmcssamoon@gmail.com 

    Item(s) Needed:

    • A Folder or Notebook

    Certificate(s) Needed:

    • Orientation
    • Pagan Terminology 101 or Basic Wicca

    In this class you will  practice various relaxation techniques that ease into mediation techniques. You will create a traditional meditation pillow known as a Zafu, and also put together an outdoor meditation kit. This is great for beginners and those more experienced with meditation alike! 

    This Class Has Space For 0 Students

    For class enrollment, please contact: 

    Items Needed:

    • Access to Herbs & Oils
    • Ritual Supplies
    • Crafting Supplies

    Certificates Needed:

    • Orientation  
    • Spell Basics